I confess, I have favorite words. I know, I know as someone who writes I should love them all, but who can resist mellifluous? Not I. English is my second language, not my mother tongue, but I humbly claim fluency after many years of being in a love affair with this extraordinary language. I keep finding little treasures, rarely used forms of expression that recall a gentler time. Now we are so very blunt. Whatever happened to a bit of irony? A slightly sarcastic wit that reaches closer to the target of being humorous, than simply mean? There is no need for a two by four and a hard whack where a properly placed innuendo will suffice. One of the loveliest words, and a top contender for favorite word of all time is….wait for it…..Perspective! The casual definition is that things appear different depending on our viewpoint. What a perfect metaphor for life! My perspective continues to evolve as I transition through all the changes that life sees fit to throw my way. When I encounter others whose views are starkly different than mine I try to keep in mind that they are on a different point in their journey and from their “perspective” things may appear differently. But then again , sometimes one does wish for a two by four……

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