The short little journey called life

We are all given a little while here on the planet, some get longer than others. For most, there is enough time to grow up, work,  love and hopefully gain a little insight along the way. I am about halfway along in my journey and while a few things have gone according to plan, many have not. This is the case for most of us. By sharing my journey, the hard earned wisdom and perspective that only comes after a few humbling  decades,( and aren’t they all?) I want to show that change is inevitable. Transitions to new stages in life can be good and that traveling connects us all.  Taking our bodies to new places awakens our senses, we are forced out of our comfort zones and so the discoveries begin.  A new flavor on our tongue, a different note animating our feet, and a scent that will stay with us and forever have the power to take us back in time. Change begets change. External relocation can trigger internal earthquakes. Our perspectives change and usually for the better when we meet fellow citizens of this planet, each of struggling with our own complex issue that  modern life is so generous at dispensing. A few constants are recurring themes in my journeys. The ocean. She is everywhere and always ready to remind us of how very fragile we are.  People, young, old, funny, sad and always interesting. The mosaic of humanity fascinates me. I am an observer of people and places, and of how our behavior is intimately connected to where we are and whom we are with. Our time here together is finite, let us lift each other up in a written form that shows we can transcend borders and oceans to connect globally.

Read in my glass and blue all around me!
Red in my glass and blue all around me!

4 thoughts on “The short little journey called life

  1. I agree wholeheartedly. Traveling and meeting people from differing cultures brings a realization of how much we are all the same in the most important ways. I opens our eyes to the folly of petty politics and bigotry. And, if we are lucky, floods our souls with compassion for human community.

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